It seems to be odd to write my introduction several months after I have written other posts. As I have contemplated writing a book the last several years, I have struggled with the topic. What topic would best flow through me? Is there something I can share that is uniquely me? What knowledge could I impart to others?

I finally decided that people wouldn’t really want to read about me but they may want to hear the lessons I have learned.  So, (and I hope to not overuse that word too much) this story will be about being different. I think all of us know that we’re all different, but we live in a world that celebrates the status quo. If you doubt that, just look around you while you’re out shopping, going to movies, etc.

As you’re standing in the grocery line waiting to check out, look at the magazines. What do they say? What is their message to you? Is someone like you on the front cover? No, you and I will NEVER be on the front cover of those publications. The magazines you see will all celebrate the extraordinary and beg you to be just like them. You’ll see the world’s definition of beauty, exemplary, brilliant, etc. Unfortunately, it won’t stop there. These magazines won’t just celebrate these people, they will try to convince you to be just like them. Why would you want to be YOU, when you could throw on a certain branded sports jacket and wrap your arm around a particular type of woman and become Brad Pitt? Wouldn’t you want to try this new hand creme or face wash and become Angelina Jolie?

The world tells us that just being us isn’t enough. We have to be something better. Something more spectacular. Something amazing. Thankfully, our Lord tells us that WE are better. WE are spectacular. WE are amazing! Each of us was created as a unique individual by our heavenly father.

No two of us are alike–NONE alike! Even the identical twins born and raised together are unique. They may have similar personalities and similar experiences, but each of them experiences life from a different point of view. For some, that different point of view might be experiencing an event twelve inches to the right of the other, but each is different. The ONLY way for another person to have the exact same perspective as you is for them to occupy the exact same space as you. The only way for that to happen is for them to be you and therefore ceasing to be them.

As I continue to tell my story, I am sure that many of you could relate to my experiences, but I can assure you that nobody will have the exact same take as me. The reason is that no one has had those same experiences in the same order as myself. Each event in our life changes us if only just so slightly. Therefore, as we change over time we will approach each new experience differently.

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